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Dear FIFA enthusiasts,

in this weeks edition of the FIFA news we yet again have results we and the players are very proud to present!

Let's get things started with MaRSo1337 , who managed to outperform himself on multiple occasions this week: First of all, for the first time in his career he won 29 out of the 30 games and therefore reached the top 100 players of the week, but he also participated in the NGL FIFA 19 Classic Open #P9 Cup and reached the finals:

Even though he was eventually defeated in the final, he walked away with a 20€-PSN card awarded for his 2nd place.
We want to take this opportunity to congratulate him for this extreme performance, which he was finally rewarded for in yet another way.

Roman also managed to improve upon his previous results and achieve a 25:5, winning one more game than the weeks before.

IB05121999 showed of his skills again, finishing the weekend league with 27:1, but, much like Chris , who didn't play at all, he didn't have have enough time for his last games.

All of you showed impressive results this week. Go on and best of luck in your next matches!

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Sehr stark Jungs

by floso | 15.06.2019 - 07:27

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