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Dear Anti-Tryhards and Meme-Party-People!

Within this news we have numerous announcements, so let's directly dive into it! In yesterday's Monthly B4it Tourney (MBT) organized by our twitch commissioner B4ithoven participated some players of our Heroes of the Storm Team Avada SFD-Gaming [ASFD] under the flag of Blame Homer and were able to meme their way into the finale. Unfortunately they lost against APK with 0:3 but paid us with many enjoyable moments which is why w'd like to give our apprecation to venco , Pocahontas and gokkel , as well as to the Stand-ins. We also reported about the 5th Round in Heroes Lounge Season 9 Division 2 against the newcomers of Die Räuber Hots'nPlotz. Without mercy our team decimated these enemies in a 2:0.

ASFD plays against 4B1B this sunday evening 12th of May 2019 at 20 CEST. Sadly kupsch is not able to play but will be substituted by the fan mouse and former member of Avada Baerti. This match will be casted by the charismatic Swiss Homer. Check out the summary of our meme coach Mantis :

And also the upcoming match is already determined: the 7th Round will take place tomorrow on monday evening (13.05.2019) at 20 CEST. ASFD will play against Gravity is just a social Convention. Team Gravity also took part in the MBT but attended with their full roster and finished third place. Gravity also got defeated by APK. However both sides, our players and the ones from Gravity were able to observe the drafts and tactics which might prepare them better for tomorrow's duel. This match will be casted by B4ithoven's Podcast Partner and Youtube Content Creator Skovald on his Twitch Channel.

After all this fighting we wish you the constitution to continue and the power emerge victorious!

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