Willkommen bei SFD-Gaming

Dear readers,

after our team had to give in to the Division 3.15 leaders recently, the 3rd day of play had a match against TransacT eSports coming. Our team had to accept being defeated twice, both times with a 13:16, leading to end results of a 0:2.
On the 4th day of play our team had to face swiss KnockKnockClan. While our team managed to win the first match 16:8, they couldn't achieve more than a 12:16 in the next match, therefore sadly ending in a 1:1 draw.
Things went similar on the 5th day of play against AYB Academy. Even though the first match ended 16:6 in favor for SFD-Gaming, they couldn't quite continue in the same style, leading to a 13:16 on the second match and therefore another 1:1 draw.
Currently our team is in 5th place in total.

But not all is lost yet! Our team still has two games ahead of them to climb the table up again! Cheer up, you can't change the past, look into the future and bring home some victories!

by Fl4yke | 12.04.2019 | keine Kommentare

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