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For several weeks, one noticed a performance drop of the team in the Open Division of the HGC. Due to various inconsistencies as well as attempts to retake the staff to a possible new organization after the Open Division season.

As some Twitter followers have realized, last night's events rolled over, forcing us to fire our Heroes of the Storm team with immediate effect. A verbal derailment of some players, almost slander, unfortunately forces us to this step.

Statement Kevin 'Nooby' H.
We stand for fair play, require a respectful tone as well as a respectful togetherness in a team sport. Unfortunately, this was no longer a recent addition to this team and we are thus forced, despite a very good season of qualifying for the HGC playoffs, to dismiss the team.
We would like to thank all players for the good performance and wish you all the best in the future.

by floso | 30.08.2018 | keine Kommentare

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